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Playlist Cover


Created by: Dr. Rock


Part 1: iTunes
Part 2: iTunes

# Song Title Artist Album Yr. Buy

1 I Wonder Why Dion & The Belmonts Presenting Dion & The Belmonts 1959 iTunes
2 Stay Williams, Maurice & The Zodiacs [Single] 1960 iTunes
3 Image Of A Girl Safaris, The [Single] 1960 iTunes
4 Alley-Oop Hollywood Argyles Alley-Oop 1960 iTunes
5 Angel Baby Rosie & The Originals [Single] 1960 iTunes
6 Will You Love Me Tomorrow Shirelles, The [Single] 1960 iTunes
7 Twist, The Checker, Chubby Twist With Chubby Checker 1960 iTunes
8 Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters Spotlight On Hank Ballard 1960 iTunes
9 Save The Last Dance For Me Drifters, The [Single] 1960 iTunes
10 Money (That's What I Want) Strong, Barrett [Single] 1960 iTunes
11 All I Have To Do Is Dream Everly Brothers, The [Single] 1958 iTunes
12 I Want To Be Wanted Lee, Brenda This Is …Brenda 1960 iTunes
13 Thousand Stars, A Young, Kathy And The Innocents [Single] 1960 iTunes
14 Everybody's Somebody's Fool Francis, Connie [Single] 1960 iTunes
15 Calendar Girl Sedaka, Neil [Single] 1960 iTunes
16 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini Hyland, Brian [Single] 1960 iTunes
17 You're Sixteen Burnette, Johnny [Single] 1960 iTunes
18 Rubber Ball Vee, Bobby Bobby Vee 1961 iTunes
19 Puppy Love Anka, Paul [Single] 1960 iTunes
20 Clementine Darin, Bobby This Is Darin 1960 iTunes
21 Baby (You've Got What It Takes) Washingon, Dinah & Brook Benton Two Of Us 1960 iTunes
22 Poetry in Motion Tillotson, Johnny [Single] 1960 iTunes
23 Wild One Rydell, Bobby [Single] 1960 iTunes
24 He Will Break Your Heart Butler, Jerry And The Impressions [Single] 1960 iTunes
25 Chain Gang Cooke, Sam [Single] 1960 iTunes
26 Boogie Chillen' Hooker, John Lee I'm John Lee Hooker 1960 iTunes
27 New Orleans Bonds, Gary "U.S." [Single] 1960 iTunes
28 Hit The Road Jack Charles, Ray [Single] 1961 iTunes
29 Think Brown, James Think 1960 iTunes
30 Torquay Fireballs, The Fireballs, The 1960 iTunes
31 Apache Shadows, The [Single] 1960 iTunes
32 Walk, Don't Run Ventures, The Walk, Don't Run 1960 iTunes
33 Because They're Young Eddy, Duane $1,000,000 Worth Of Twang 1960 iTunes
34 North To Alaska Horton, Johnny [Single] 1960 iTunes
35 Spanish Harlem King, Ben E. Spanish Harlem 1960 iTunes
36 Mule Skinner Blues Fendermen Mule Skinner Blues 1960 iTunes
37 Walking To New Orleans Domino, Fats Lot Of Dominos, A 1960 iTunes
38 Spoonful Howlin' Wolf [Single] 1960 iTunes
39 You Talk Too Much Jones, Joe You Talk Too Much 1960 iTunes
40 Stuck On You Presley, Elvis [Single] 1960 iTunes
41 Let The Little Girl Dance Bland, Billy [Single] 1960 iTunes
42 Lonely Blue Boy Twitty, Conway Lonely Blue Boy 1960 iTunes
43 What In The World's Come Over You Scott, Jack [Single] 1960 iTunes
44 Bad Man's Blunder Kingston Trio, The String Along 1961 iTunes
45 Greenfields Brothers Four [Single] 1960 iTunes
46 Handy Man Jones, Jimmy Handy Man 1960 iTunes
47 Raindrops Clark, Dee How About That! 1960 iTunes
48 Tell Laura I Love Her Peterson, Ray Tell Laura I Love Her 1960 iTunes
49 Night Wilson, Jackie Night 1960 iTunes
50 Only The Lonely Orbison, Roy Sings Lonely And Blue 1960 iTunes
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