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What's Your Name, Little Girl?

Playlist Cover

What's Your Name, Little Girl?

Created by: Dr. Rock


Part 1: iTunes
Part 2: iTunes

# Song Title Artist Album Yr. Buy

1 Suzie Q Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival 1968 iTunes
2 Sharon Bromberg, David Demon In Disguise 1972 iTunes
3 Corinna Mahal, Taj Natch'l Blues, The 1968 iTunes
4 Juliette Little Feat Dixie Chicken 1973 iTunes
5 Ophelia Band, The Northern Lights-Southern Cross 1975 iTunes
6 Amie Pure Prairie League Bustin' Out 1972 iTunes
7 Oh Marie Crow, Sheryl Sheryl Crow 1996 iTunes
8 Mary Griffin, Patty Flaming Red 1998 iTunes
9 Peggy Sue Holly, Buddy Buddy Holly 1958 iTunes
10 Barbara-Ann Beach Boys, The Beach Boys' Party! 1965 iTunes
11 Valleri Monkees, The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees, The 1968 iTunes
12 Elenore Turtles, The Turtles Present The Battle Of The Bands, The 1968 iTunes
13 Sheila Roe, Tommy Sheila 1962 iTunes
14 Victoria Kinks, The Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire) 1969 iTunes
15 Diane Bachelors, The [Single] 1964 iTunes
16 Jole Blon Bonds, Gary "U.S." Dedication 1981 iTunes
17 Gloria Them Here Comes The Night 1965 iTunes
18 Carol Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry Is On Top 1959 iTunes
19 Susan Buckinghams, The [Single] 1967 iTunes
20 Sweet Caroline Diamond, Neil Neil Diamond 1970 iTunes
21 Shannon Gross, Henry Release 1976 iTunes
22 Grace Buckley, Jeff Grace 1994 iTunes
23 Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) Looking Glass Looking Glass 1972 iTunes
24 Maggie May Stewart, Rod Every Picture Tells a Story 1971 iTunes
25 Deborah Edmunds, Dave Tracks On Wax 4 1978 iTunes
26 Runaround Sue Dion Runaround Sue 1961 iTunes
27 Donna Valens, Ritchie Ritchie Valens 1958 iTunes
28 Anna Beatles, The Please Please Me 1963 iTunes
29 Carrie-Anne Hollies, The Evolution 1967 iTunes
30 Sherry Four Seasons, The Sherry & 11 Others 1962 iTunes
31 Alison Costello, Elvis My Aim Is True 1977 iTunes
32 Marianne Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills 2 1971 iTunes
33 Suzanne Simone, Nina To Love Somebody 1969 iTunes
34 Angie Rolling Stones, The Goats Head Soup 1973 iTunes
35 Roxanne Police, The Outlandos d'Amour 1978 iTunes
36 Dirty Diana Jackson, Michael Bad 1987 iTunes
37 Oh Sheila Ready For The World Ready For The World 1985 iTunes
38 Jamie Holland, Eddie Eddie Holland 1962 iTunes
39 Peg Steely Dan Aja 1977 iTunes
40 Caroline Jefferson Starship Dragon Fly 1974 iTunes
41 Dreamboat Annie Heart Dreamboat Annie 1976 iTunes
42 Amanda Boston Third Stage 1986 iTunes
43 Luanne Foreigner 4 1981 iTunes
44 Valerie Winwood, Steve Talking Back To The Night 1982 iTunes
45 Little Jeannie John, Elton 21 At 33 1980 iTunes
46 Maria Blondie No Exit 1999 iTunes
47 Athena Who, The It's Hard 1982 iTunes
48 Sweet Lui-Louise Ironhorse Ironhorse 1979 iTunes
49 Sheila Aerosmith Done With Mirrors 1985 iTunes
50 What's Your Name? Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors 1977 iTunes
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