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Forget the grueling hours searching for the top rock and pop tracks of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Spend more time listening to your dose of the best music ever made!

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Created by: Dr. Rock



# Song Title Artist Album Yr. Buy

1 Carry On My Wayward Son Kansas Leftoverture 1976 iTunes
2 All I Wanted Kansas Power 1986 iTunes
3 Dust In The Wind Kansas Point Of No Return 1977 iTunes
4 Fight Fire With Fire Kansas Drastic Measures 1983 iTunes
5 Hold On Kansas Audio-Visions 1980 iTunes
6 Play The Game Tonight Kansas Vinyl Confessions 1982 iTunes
7 Point Of No Return Kansas Point Of No Return 1977 iTunes
8 People Of The South Wind Kansas Monolith 1979 iTunes
9 Portrait (He Knew) Kansas Point Of No Return 1977 iTunes
10 Song For America Kansas Song For America 1975 iTunes
11 Stand Beside Me Kansas In The Spirit Of Things 1988 iTunes
12 Journey From Mariabronn Kansas Kansas 1974 iTunes
13 Power Kansas Power 1986 iTunes
14 Wall, The Kansas Leftoverture 1976 iTunes
15 What's On My Mind Kansas Leftoverture 1976 iTunes
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