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Cooke, Sam

Playlist Cover

Cooke, Sam

Created by: Dr. Rock



# Song Title Artist Album Yr. Buy

1 Change Is Gonna Come, A Cooke, Sam Ain't That Good News 1964 iTunes
2 You Send Me Cooke, Sam Sam Cooke 1958 iTunes
3 Bring It On Home To Me Cooke, Sam [Single] 1962 iTunes
4 Wonderful World Cooke, Sam Wonderful World Of Sam Cooke, The 1960 iTunes
5 Cupid Cooke, Sam [Single] 1961 iTunes
6 Twistin' The Night Away Cooke, Sam Twistin' The Night Away 1962 iTunes
7 Another Saturday Night Cooke, Sam [Single] 1963 iTunes
8 Chain Gang Cooke, Sam [Single] 1960 iTunes
9 Having A Party Cooke, Sam [Single] 1962 iTunes
10 Little Red Rooster Cooke, Sam Night Beat 1963 iTunes
11 That's Where It's At Cooke, Sam [Single] 1964 iTunes
12 Ain't That Good News Cooke, Sam Ain't That Good News 1964 iTunes
13 Any Day Now Cooke, Sam Soul Stirrers 1964 iTunes
14 Lonely Island Cooke, Sam [Single] 1957 iTunes
15 Love You Most of All Cooke, Sam [Single] 1958 iTunes
16 Nothing Can Change This Love Cooke, Sam [Single] 1962 iTunes
17 Only Sixteen Cooke, Sam [Single] 1959 iTunes
18 Sad Mood Cooke, Sam [Single] 1960 iTunes
19 Send Me Some Lovin' Cooke, Sam Mr. Soul 1963 iTunes
20 Shake Cooke, Sam Shake 1965 iTunes
21 Somebody Have Mercy Cooke, Sam [Single] 1962 iTunes
22 Sugar Dumpling Cooke, Sam Twistin' The Night Away 1962 iTunes
23 That's It - I Quit - I'm Movin' On Cooke, Sam [Single] 1961 iTunes
24 Wonderful Cooke, Sam Soul Stirrers 1964 iTunes
25 You Were Made For Me Cooke, Sam [Single] 1957 iTunes
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